Scaramella presents chamber music concerts on period instruments and its focus is one
of exploration and revitalization. We believe that people listen more profoundly and
experience the music more personally when they don’t know exactly what to expect.
So each of our presentations is carefully crafted to surprise and delight, with a great
deal of variety from one programme to the next.

For 2013-2014, our theme is chamber music for unusual combinations of instruments.
The first programme centres on music of the English Interregnum and Restoration periods;
a time when political upheavals and natural disasters cut off and redefined sources of
patronage for musicians. The music they created reflects this unrest through the use of
remote harmonies and odd modulations that are at times witty and precocious,
exuberant and eccentric. Our second concert presents an unexpected muse – the
Viennese double bass – in combination with natural horns, flute and viola. Lightly built
with a quick-speaking, transparent and bright sound, this specialized instrument was
very much in vogue during the 18th century, and even Mozart and Haydn and their
contemporaries fell under its charm. The third programme introduces two fabulous young
virtuosi from Montreal – Elinor Frey on cello, and Daniel Zuluaga on chittarone
and baroque guitar – and pits two different forms of violoni against each other. Though
the violoncello is now “the” bowed bass of choice for solos and continuo playing, during
the 17th century, a large member of the viola da gamba family was often equally, if not
even better, known. The two instruments will duel it out for all time…

Do please join us!

Joëlle Morton
Artistic Director