Scaramella presents one-of-a-kind intimate chamber music concerts performed on period instruments, by accomplished and artful musicians from Canada and abroad. The roster changes from concert to concert, so that over the course of the season one hears programs representing a wide range of styles and periods. Our focus is on the exploration of lesser-known, but sumptuous music, that evokes bygone cultures and traditions. Children 14 and under are welcomed, and admitted free of charge.

2017-2018 is Scaramella’s 13th season, with programs that are centred loosely on mythological goddesses of the arts: Terpsichore (the muse of dance, also associated with the flute), Calliope (the wise and beautiful-voiced muse of epic poetry) and Saint Cecilia (patron saint of musicians). But Scaramella’s muses are human, as well as symbolic, since in addition to beloved Toronto locals, our concerts this season feature a number of extraordinarily talented musical guests, from Quebec (flutist Grégoire Jeay, harpsichordist Lysiana Boulva and theorbist Esteban La Rotta), Alberta (cellist Josephine van Lier) and Switzerland (viol players Elizabeth Rumsey and Caroline Ritchie). It’s a season of graceful, eloquent and heavenly music, and we very much hope you’ll join us!

Joëlle Morton
Artistic Director

Three Graces