Since 2005, Scaramella has led an expedition, exploring lesser-known, but sumptuous period instrument chamber music of ages past. The name, Scaramella, was chosen because it references a renaissance stock character, whose free-spirited revels were described in music by Loyset Compère, Antonio Stringari and Josquin des Prez.

With COVID restrictions that came into place in March 2020 and that here in Toronto are only now starting to ease, we curtailed our activity, that has always centred on live, in-person performance.

Now seems as fitting a time as ever for change, so the Board of Directors is discussing various options. Plans for the future will be announced here on the website, and sent by email to everyone on our mailing list. In the meanwhile, heartfelt thanks and very best wishes to you all, loyal, enthusiastic and generous patrons, for your tremendous support through the years.

Joëlle Morton